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For overseas retailers : Please do not steal our photos.

There are many small companies in the Japan trout fishing tackle industry, and a significant number of them do not have official websites. Even popular brands like Rodiocraft do not have any online presence, including websites and social media. Additionally, even those with official websites often fail to display decent product photos.

As a result, many photos taken by my shop are being used on, and these original photos are frequently seen on overseas sales sites.

The process of photographing these products is time-consuming.

For example, in the case of spoons,

We prepare two sets of the same color and very carefully open the packaging.

We arrange them side by side for photography, taking pictures of both sides. We then adjust the background to white in Photoshop, crop to the appropriate size, and upload them to the website. Afterward, we carefully put the two spoons back into the packaging.

The process is similar for plugs; we carefully open the stapled box, remove the hook cover, and spend a considerable amount of time taking pictures.

Staff at overseas sales stores may also engage in their own photography, so we believe they can understand the effort involved. However, some stores are stealing our photos without permission. While we have tolerated this in the past, the situation has become unacceptable. We absolutely do not tolerate unauthorized copying or use. In extreme cases, we will demand payment for photo usage.

Perhaps those who steal these photos cannot determine whether they are manufacturer-provided or taken by our company. If it's unclear, we kindly ask that you refrain from copying photos from our site.

We appreciate everyone's understanding.

Important notice 2024-02-23 15:46